Gay group vietnam

gay group vietnam

30 Nov Answer 1 of 2: We have 18 days in October to see Vietnam and Cambodia. We want to see Angkor Wat, Ho long Bay,. We want to meet with a textiles person to discuss having some clothing made of a design we are working on, we want to see the essence of the. Vietnam is a relatively hassle-free destination for LGBTQI-travellers. In recent years, the country has made positive strides recognising the role of the LGBTQI community. Same-sex relationships and same-sex sexual acts are legal, and a ban on same-sex marriages was lifted in in January Viet Pride marches take. 27 Oct There's also no mention of gays as a risk group for HIV and AIDS (unlike in many Western countries) and under this new law it is a “Prohibited Act” to refuse to provide medical examination or treatment to a patient for knowing or suspecting that such person is infected with HIV. This is also important because.

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